Tippy Toes Snowflake

The Australian Miniature Goat

The Australian Miniature Goat is an Australian breed established in 2000. Originally developed by pairing smaller stature animals from purebred and cross bred full sized goats and small Australian bush goats to produce a “designer” animal perfect for the small farm. The Australian Miniature can be used for milk, fleece, helping with the weeds, as a companion and all round perfect pet. They are gentle, loveable and easily trainable. They are super friendly with a calm and playful nature. The breed is still under development, with breeders continuing to work on both refinement of type and reduction of height, but the average 3yr full grown heights are around 57cm for females and 60cm for males.  They live for approximately 10-15 years. 

Registered Australian Miniature Goats are individually priced on availability, age, height, grade, colour, show status and demand. On average Tippy Toes Australian Miniatures cost:


Doe $500- $1000