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About Us


Captain Morgan

The Start - Morgan


It all began when we saw a little goat called Captain Morgan.... One look at this little boy and we were in love.  To keep Morgan company we decided we were going to get a girl called Hope and then in a blink of an eye a third goat was added to our pick up list called Athena.  This, however, would be the start of something bigger.  From Here Tippy Toes stud was born and we added to our Australian Miniature clan some Nigerian Dwarfs and our first Tippy Toes kids were born. Little did we know that they would start off the rest of our Dairy Herd which has now see us fall in love with the long eared crew, the Miniature Nubians.

The Then

Tippy Toes was situated as a small show, pet and breeding stud on the Sunshine Coast Qld.  Our aim was to breed healthy, well conformed goats that shine with a great temperament and personality. (as we still aim for today) Although we do enjoy the show ring, to keep a check on our goats conformation for future breeding, our main focus is to breed a goat you want to live with. One with a temperament that you enjoy.  

The Now

Tippy Toes has now moved to Quamby Brook in Tasmania. Some of our older girls have now moved to new homes still in Queensland where they will be bringing new lines into their new studs so we have a young crazy kid heard that travelled with us to Tasmania.  They are the future of our mini milkers and keep you smiling everyday. We have just bought our first 100% Nigerian Dwarf Doe so with our 3 100% ND bucks our herd is strong and the future looks bright.

The Future

The focus of breeding at Tippy Toes is looking to the future.  A future of a lovely herd of Mini Milkers.  Although our origin is in the Australian Miniature breed our original three goats are now the start of our miniature milkers as they have some dairy background in previous generations...  Thanks to our Nigerian Dwarf Bucks, Hope and Athena's daughters, grand daughters and great granddaughters now have a nd milking goat percentage and if their udders are like their mothers they will produce high quantities of milk.  Tippy Toes aim is to follow in the foots of the American Mini Milkers by integrating the higher milk amounts of the Nubian breed and the higher butter fat content from the Nigerian Dwarf.  We have also got a bright future with our purebred Nigerian Dwarf lines that we will see grow in the coming years. 

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