Sold Goats

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our goats go to Fantastic homes..... 
Trooper and Wendee 

Mother and Son went to live with a family not so far from us in 2018.  They now have 3 other goaty wethers in their herd and are happy as can be.

Tippy Toes Hufflepuff 

Huffle has gone to live in Tasmania as a breeding and show Buck but you can see he has all the love in the world too from his new family. He has produced some wonderful kids for his first owners and they are now looking for are now looking for a new home for him - Huffle has now gone on to another stud in Tassie so hopefully he continues his great record of producing great kids for his new owners.

Mickey, Stanley and Merlin 

These three boys got to go together to live with a lovely family in Gympie.  From what we have been told Mum spends as much time down with them as the kids :) Lots of cuddles here

Zodiac Black Magic  

Magic had a little skip from one breeder who purchased him from us to now find his way to a great family at Urban Kids where he has sired his first little girl for them and she is as much of a stunner as the girls he gave us - Hermione and Piper - we are so glad to see he is happy in his new home

Athena, Benji and Indre

These three gorgeous goats are a true example of how a goat can still leave when they are one or two and become much loved pets.  It was really hard to say goodbye to these three as they had really become a part of our family and Athena was one of my originals and the first to kid on our property.  I miss them everyday xoxoxo

Briawell Captain Morgan

Morgan went to live with a wonderful family where he found he was best friends with a Donkey.... Am thinking he missed our mini horse Wags as they were really good mates.  He has now gone to live with a new family as a breeding sire.  I hope he is happy where he is now.  

Spur and Knick

Spur and Knick were our Mini Nubian wethers of 2019. We still have their sisters and is great to keep in touch with their new owner who lives close by.  The boys have really settled in with the other goats that the family own.


Kingsley was our ND wether of 2020. He lives with a gorgeous family full of two legged girls and some other goats bred by Pippinwood.  He has really settled in with the other goats that the family own and we look forward to seeing what comes from the repeat breeding of his mum and dad in 2020.