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Miniature Nubians


The Miniature Nubian is a small sized dairy goat. It should be slightly longer in the body in comparison to its height. It is originally created by crossing the Anglo Nubian with miniature goats. It portrays elegance and nobility with its regal upright stance, its exotic facial profile and its gentle and graceful temperament. The Miniature Nubian is an Australian breed that was originally created in 2001 by pairing Anglo Nubian goats of excellent type from both purebred and cross bred lines with carefully selected smaller breeds of goats to produce a small elegant often colourful animal with a gentle nature. They are great for families looking for backyard mini milkers who also make great pets. Their gentle nature makes them the perfect pet for both young and old and they are great companion animals for other species too.  A well-bred Mini Nubian can produce enough milk for the family each day some of which can be used to make cheese, yogurt and even soap.Their average life span is 10-15 years.

Registered Miniature Nubians are individually priced on availability, age, height, percentage, colour, show status and demand. On average Tippy Toes Miniature Nubians cost:

Buck $500 - $1500 +gst

Doe $750 - $1500 +gst

Wether $500 single +gst

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