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Is Showing for Me?

Miniature Goat showing can be fun, rewarding and help you make life long friendships with like minded people.  Tippy Toes Miniature Goats see showing as a part of improving the breed and helping the public understand the miniature goat breeds and their personalities.  Showing is a judged sport so some days you win and others you don't but to our stud, showing is about gaining a critique, allowing us to see the good parts, both in conformation and temperament, and the parts that can be improved with an open eye so we can continue to breed to improve, in health and happiness, our goats.  It is also a day out with great people and time where we get to share time with our goats no guilt attached....

Leading up to the show


The day before a show is a busy one, washing, clipping and tidying hooves of our little goats.  Each goat spends time one on one with us having a hydro-bath, being dried and then having the hair they need removed clipped or scissored off for the best quality presentation.  Each goat then has their hooves clipped and buffed ready for the big day.

Show day


On Show day we can travel up to 3 hours to a show.  It is always an early start. Tippy Toes goats have their breakfast on the way so when we get there they can be put into our portable pen (with lots of hay and fresh water) to wait till it is their turn to get polished.  Each goat is wiped over and given a nice fresh collar for show. Hooves are polished and noses cleaned (as by now they nearly all have food all over their faces) and lots of cuddles are given before they head into the ring.  One by one they are shown and some win and some don't but they all seem to have a great day.   

More information about showing can be found by clicking the logos below to the Goat Associations we show with...  AGB, MGA and DGSA.

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